Prison Outreach, Advocacy & Literacy and Decision-Making Classes

Congratulations!  After several years of advocacy, Deaf inmates at Graterford finally get a Video Phone. In addition, after July, 2016 all religious services will have sign language interpreters.

DeafCAN! has been coordinating weekly literacy and decision making classes at maximum security Graterford State Prison for the last five years, the same staff through another agency for 13 years prior to that.   Graterford has been identified as the State prison in the Eastern part of PA to house Deaf inmates.   We look to find D/HOH inmates wherever they are and advocate for them to have the same rights and access to programs and services as other inmates, a situation many prisons have in the past, and still today, do not have.

Click here to view DeafCAN!’s criminal justice position statement for D/HOH people.


This program has been supported by the following Foundations:
Mill Neck Foundation
Phoenixville Community Health Foundation
ELCA (World Hunger funded) Domestic Hunger Grants Program
Allen & Shirley Speiser Foundation
Scholler Foundation

And many other organizations and individuals