Online Silent Auction

Due to the ongoing pandemic, DeafCAN! once again offers a Silent Auction from December 1–21.

  • Participants may make a bid by emailing, stating your name, the number of the item desired, and the amount you want to bid.
  • You will be notified by email if another bidder places a higher bid.
  • Bids will be accepted until noon on December 21. You will be notified by email if you have made the winning bid and may pay through this website donation link or by giving a check/cash when the item is picked up.
  • If you do not wish to bid on the auction but still wish to support DeafCAN!, you may make a donation through the website donation link or send a check.

Thanks to participating donors Elissa Becker, Christ the King Deaf Church, Giant, Kathie Gray-Plotkin & Perry Plotkin, Hills Quality Seafood, Beth Lockard, Olive Gardens, David Rink, Starbucks, Barbara Wakefield, Wegmans, and Wild Birds Unlimited,


1. Large Starbucks mug, 16 oz. Guatemala Cosi Cielo coffee, gold travel mug, Santa tea towels worth $53. Starting bid $35

2. Large Philly mug, 8-cup French coffee bean press, 16 oz. Starbucks Pike Place whole bean roast coffee, recycled green travel mug worth $69. Starting bid $35

3. Wild Birds Unlimited red-roof bird feeder with seed owl and $5 store coupon with $25 purchase worth $40. Starting bid $30

4. Handcrafted green & beige basket (10.25″ diameter x 6″) by Vera Reynolds, homemade applesauce, Chester County honey and $50 Wegmans gift card worth $100. Starting bid $70

5. Brown ceramic mug by Barbara Wakefield, basket, Comfort & Joy Christmas tea, organic mint tea, $25 Giant gift card worth $60. Starting bid $40

6. Lenox candle holder and tea light, straw angel, lighted star tree topper worth $27. Starting bid $15

7. DeafCAN! platter (12 ” x 5 “) worth $25. Starting bid $20

8. 2018 Bartenura Italian wine, deer candle holder & tea light, $100 Hills Quality Seafood gift card worth $152. Starting bid $90

9. 2018 Bartenura Italian wine, large red Cinnamon Candy candle, and $25 Olive Gardens gift card worth $80. Starting bid $60

10. Brown and beige handcrafted basket (12.75″ x 11″ x 6.5 “) by Vera Reynolds worth $50. Starting bid $35

11. Large blue & beige handcrafted basket (16″ x 14.25″ x 13″) with handle by Vera Reynolds worth $60. Starting bid $40

12. Handcrafted doll chair with teddy and lighted red/white star tree topper worth $32. Starting bid $20

13. Handcrafted rustic doll cradle and country goose doll worth $50. Starting bid $40

14. Amish framed twin prints (batik and watercolor) by Vera Kirk (15.75″ x 13″) worth $40. Starting bid $25

15. Pair of handpainted swivel bar chairs by Deaf artist Lori Vennell worth $150. Starting bid $100